Tri-Ply Technology

Tri-Ply Technology

The Hi-Tech 3 collection has been constructed using Tri-Ply technology which consists of a three layers: stainless steel, aluminium and stainless steel. The combination of these two materials give the collection an extraordinary capacity for heat retention, while providing exceptional resistance.

This innovative technology, together with the 360º Full Induction base, enables uniform heat distribution and energy savings due to the heat retained by the materials.

360º Full Induction

360º Full Induction

Hi- Tech 3 has a 360º Full Induction base which enables direct heat distribution. What's the result? Hi-Tech 3 is up to twice as fast as any other frying pan on the market due to its high conductivity which is produced by the combination of the base materials.

Thanks to its base, the frying pan takes full advantage of the energy from the heat source and minimises the cooking time and the energy cost of each recipe.

Compatible with 100% of cooking hobs.


The whole Hi-Tech3 collection has a Pallatium non-stick coating - the most resistant ever.

Pallatium is a non-stick coating which comprises 3 layers, reinforced internally to provide a non-stick surface which is 3.5 times more effective than other coatings.

Its hexagonal structure gives it greater durability to keep it intact for much longer, and this makes it an ideal collection for everyday use and keeps wear and tear at a minimum over the years.

Pallatium is so resistant that you won't have to worry when using metal cooking utensils. It is practically unbreakable

Bergner coatings are developed on the basis of three fundamental principles.
  • Non-stick: food will not stick to the bottom and this avoids the generation of toxic substances.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits: it is not necessary to use fat or oil, which guarantees a regular, more healthy diet.
  • Product protection

Because you choose to eat healthy foods.
And Hi-Tech 3 makes sure they remain healthy.

PFOA free | Lead free | Cadmium free

Stainless Steel Stay Cool Handle

Stainless Steel Stay Cool Handle

All the handles in the collection are ergonomic and ensure a perfect grip for maximum comfort when cooking.

During the development phase, special attention was paid to prevent overheating, so you will never burn yourself because the heat from the body of the pan is perfectly isolated from the handle.

The handles of the whole collection have been designed to resist everyday cooking and reduce deformation to a minimum over the years thanks to its stainless steel, which is highly rust and scratch resistant.

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